Underground Solutions provides infrastructure technologies for water and sewer applications. UGSI's Fusible PVC® products contain a proprietary PVC formulation that, when combined with UGSI's patented fusion process, results in a monolithic, fully-restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system. Fusible C-900® and Fusible C-905® both comply with AWWA C900 and C905 respectively and are certified to NSF 61.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fusible PVC™ Sets New Record

Fusible PVC™ continues to set new records with this recent King Contracting 4800 LF 24” DR18 horizontal directional drill (HDD). The high tensile strength of Fusible C-905® allowed for the continuous 14 hour pull-in of the fused pipe under the Grand River inSouth Dakota. Fusible PVC™ joint strength and joint reliability have allowed for plastic pipe pull-ins that cannot be matched by other plastic pipe materials such as HDPE. Other long HDD continuous pull-ins without casings include:
  • 5120 LF 10” Fusible PVC™ in Beaufort, SC
  • 4400 LF 24” Fusible PVC™ in Johns Island, SC
  • 3900 LF 8” Fusible PVC™ in Spirit Lake, ND
  • 2600 LF 20” Fusible PVC™ in Mukilteo, WA
King Contracting also recently completed the 3900 LF continuous pull-in in Spirit Lake, ND.

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Anonymous said...

This is an amazing feat, however, I heard that the company actually pulled in over 6000 feet in an HDD in South Carolina.